GAMES & SPORTS Education in its broad sense means development of overall lifelong personality of an individual. The practice of Physical Education & Sports is a fundamental right for all (UNESCO). This department is committed to develop cardio respiratory fitness, general motor ability, differential ability, quick decision ability, quick judgment ability, quick reflex action and decreased movement time. The department preserves & develops physical, intellectual, moral power of the human being and quality of life at national and quality of life at international level. Students & staff member enjoy excellent and one of the best spots facilities available in the country.

Indoor facilities
Aerobic, Badminton, table tennis, chess, yoga, meditation, weight lifting, multi gym and sports rehabilitation centre.

Outdoor facilities
Football, cricket, kho- kho, kabaddi, tennis, volleyball, basketball, hockey and track and field (athletics)

 Department opens in the morning at 6:00 A.M and continues till 7:00 P.M. in the evening.Every year students get selected in various Games & Sports teams to represent GITM for participating in AI tournaments of the country.

Staff members are specialized in various Games & Sports activities and are holding doctoral degrees. They have published articles in National journals. The department receives grant from U.G.C. to carry out research on professional students.