It is an honour and privilege to be the Director, Marketing/Branding & Corporate Networking of Ganpatis, an institution which stands unique for excellence and distinction in providing quality education to its students. Today we all are aware of the importance of education in the life of an individual. It moulds and shapes the minds of young students and imbues them with values which would govern all the choices of their lives. In fact, the quality of education determines the destiny of the nation.                  

At Ganpatis, we make sure that pupils are being equipped with the means to find answers for themselves.We believe in empowering students to be able to discover their hidden talents and skills.  We try to make our students internationally competent and at the same time try to keep them in touch with the tradition and culture.  We help our students to develop valuable skills and become more independent and confident individuals who are able to deal with any challenge that may confront them in future.

I am proud to share that in a very short span, Ganpatis has earned a reputation and credibility that takes decades for other professional institutes to establish. In its infancy stage, it has earned laurels for its name. We have strived hard to quality education. I assure you that in future Ganpatis will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and showing them the pathway of success..