Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is a key segment of the total travel and tourism industry. Several factors such as the development of travel and transportation system, increasing industrialization, the tempo at which business is transacted, the need to maintain a personal touch, rising levels of discretionary income has led to the growth of the hospitality industry. Today tourism is recognized as the largest economic activity in the world. This means a need to have professionally trained manpower to operate hospitality enterprise. This Institute is a pioneering body in the country to meet this pressing need.


The Hospitality operations consist of:

  Accommodation Services:This is made up of Front Office and Housekeeping.

  Food & Beverage Services:This includes Food Production and Food & Beverage Services.

In addition to extensive theoretical and practical training in the hospitality operational areas, management subjects such as Principles of Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources Management, MIS, Finance as well as related technical subjects such as Food Science, Nutrition and Hygiene form part of the syllabus of the management course.

Since the hospitality industry calls for hard work, odd hours and sometimes even unpleasant experiences, there is great emphasis on the development of right attitude, values, discipline and a personality appropriate to prepare a person for a service oriented career in the hospitality industry. The course prepares students for job opening positions such as supervisors, junior managers and skilled Craftsmen in Hotels, Restaurants, Airline/ Mobile Catering units, Industrial Canteens, Schools, Hospitals and also teaching positions in Training Institutions.